Decrease fuel costs with GPS Fleet Tracking SystemThe rising cost of fuel is hitting all businesses, especially businesses with a fleet of vehicles. If fleet owners weren’t looking for ways to save on fuel costs before, I am sure they are now. There are a number of ways to save money using our GPS Fleet Tracking System, but one of the greatest ways to save is by saving on fuel costs. We are currently seeing the price of fuel rising literally every day!! I heard a story of someone pumping gas and the cost of fuel went up about 4 cents a gallon before he was finished pumping. Well, he called 911 and reported it, but there wasn’t anything the police could do – He had to pay up anyway.

When fuel prices are rising, business owners should contact us and we can help them every time!!

You are probably wondering how in the world we can help with our GPS Fleet Tracking that will make a significant impact. Well it’s not by lowering the price that is for sure, because we certainly don’t have those types of connections. But what we can do has worked every time when it is managed properly. It can save a business literally thousands of dollars a year.

We have a HVAC customer that has 55+ vehicles on the road. They have been in business over 30 years and have drivers ‘they trust’. Their 1/2 ton vehicles are driven everyday. After they installed our Realtime GPS Fleet Tracking System, they saved $30,000.00 on fuel the first three months.

I know what you are saying “sure you will save lots of money when you have a large fleet, but it probably won’t work on a small fleet of 1 – 10 vehicles”. Well when we assume, we usually get things wrong and this is the case here.

We have another customer with just 4 vehicles. They were able to cut their fuel costs by 40% from $5,000.00 per month to $3,000.00 per month. That proves that no matter what size fleet in a company, fuel costs can and will be reduced when managed properly.

Remember – if you keep doing the same thing – you will definitely get the same results.