Mobile Fleet Solutions, an original pioneer in the Fleet GPS Tracking business, has been helping large and small company’s alike save major monies for 17 + years. We have always prided ourselves in providing the best available Real-Time GPS Fleet Management System in an affordable package to help the business owners and managers save money while at the same time making it easy and simple to track and monitor their fleets.

We believe that if your GPS Fleet Tracking System is complicated – then your managers and dispatchers will probably not use it – therefore not saving you, the owner, money.

We are in business to save businesses of all sizes money by providing the Most Reliable, easy to use fleet management system in the market.

We help business owners through personal experience from previous careers.

Based upon experience in the service industry while working inside a Plumbing, HVAC, and Environmental Services Company, we understand the challenges that a service company or contractor encounter on a daily basis.

We help you to

  • control overtime
  • increase productivity
  • stop moonlighting
  • improve customer service
  • and control maintenance costs on your vehicles

Also recalling prior experience in Corporate America as a sales manager for Coca-Cola Enterprises we are able to relate to all the challenges that a company encounters while trying to manage a mobile workforce.

Whether you have sales, service, delivery, or project managers driving your vehicles it is imperative that you keep track of that vehicle. Even if you only have ONE vehicle that is more than you can keep up with.

We have seen many amazing things over our 17+ years of helping companies save money but the one thing you can’t put a figure on is liability.

There is a misconception in the GPS world that it is “just Big Brother” looking over my shoulder. Or someone wants to catch someone doing something bad so they can fire them. I disagree with that philosophy because I have found that in MOST cases it isn’t “bad guys doing a bad job”, but it is “good guys and employees with bad habits” that cost you money.

We provide the missing ingredient that will help you control these things and more. I tell people all of the time, “If I had a fleet of 1 or 1000+ vehicles I would track ALL of them.”

GPS Fleet Tracking is one of the MOST Valuable tools a company can use to save money.