Fleet Tracking Testimonials

Waccamaw logoTommy, I just wanted to drop a line to thank you for your services. Your entire team pitches in to ensure everything is handled promptly and efficiently every time.

We have had a lot of new vans added and had to switch services on quite a few existing vehicles as well. You and your team handled it all seamlessly and so fast that it did not really interrupt our time.

The tracking module gives us great feed back to dispatch more accurately and efficiently. It is amazing how much less time is spent going to supply houses these days. We found hours of wasted and duplicated time that I would have argued was never an issue before. It also has proven worth every dime and more with customers. When they question that a tech was not on a job but for 20 minutes and I can pull the time an confirm down to the minute the tech arrived and left, attitudes change. We are very careful how we word that with customers, but it shows our professionalism, quality and that we can verify what we do. The techs have found that it protects them, that it is not just a Big Brother watching.

We are now using the vehicle maintenance records and look forward to extending the dependability and longevity of fleet.

Please, feel free to give my number to anyone that may be interested in your services.

Thanks again for all,

Rhett Prosser, President

Springer LogoFor over 15 years Tommy Edge has been an invaluable partner for GPS fleet vehicle management solutions for our businesses. Tommy has always made it very easy to do business with his company by being dependable and knowledgeable about his industry. Once his units are installed and activated we experience very accurate vehicle locating, the maps constantly update for real time information, reporting is easy and provides very detailed information and is easy to customize. Due to the accuracy and reporting of the system it is very helpful to provide service call labor hours to our customers. We have not experienced any technical issues with Tommy’s GPS products, something we cannot say about previous GPS products that we have used.

We would not hesitate to recommend Tommy Edge and his business, Mobile Fleet Solutions, Inc., to anyone who owns and operates fleet vehicles.