GPS Fleet Tracking save time and moneyHave you ever wondered “Why purchase a GPS Fleet Tracking System”? Is it to be ‘Big Brother’ and catch someone doing something bad and then confront them and fire them? Is it to just ‘watch the monitor’ all day to keep up with the technicians? Some business owners purchase for those reasons. The owner that is truly looking to purchase a GPS Fleet Tracking System just to ‘catch someone’ is shopping for all the wrong reasons. Fleet tracking can do so much more than just ‘watch over the guys’.

When I first got in the GPS Fleet Tracking business 14 years ago, I was like the business owners described above. I thought that I would ‘catch a bunch of bad guys doing bad stuff’. Well, I was dead wrong in what I assumed. Over the years I have observed that what really happens is that they have already weeded out the bad guys and they have employees that are really good technically but they have some “very bad habits”. These bad habits cost the business owner a lot of money. This money is usually in hard costs like wages, overtime, benefits, etc. A comprehensive Fleet Tracking System can assist the business owner in eliminating these issues.

Another area that can be very costly for a business is in billing. How do you really know that the technician hasn’t missed 30 minutes of billable travel time today? How many times has a customer called in and complained that the technician wasn’t there the amount of time they have been charged? Do you have a way to prove the technician was there during the time that was billed? If not, who always looses? The business owner!! The owner has to concede to the customer and he has usually already paid the technician. Owners ALWAYS lose!!

GPS Fleet Tracking Systems should be purchased for the following reason:

  • Managing the workforce in a more productive manner than regular daily functions currently allow.

As a result – the business owner will have a more efficient fleet and add to the bottom line.