Real-Time Alerts

Gain Clear Insight into Your Fleet Operations

 With 20+ alerts in our web-based Fleet Tracking solution, it’s easy to stay informed no matter where you are.

Select alerts. Define the thresholds. Customize recipients.

Know instantly when important events are happening with your vehicles and employees by utilizing real-time alerts. Are your drivers following the rules of the road? With the Posted Speed Alert, you can receive instant notification on your smartphone or laptop if your drivers exceed the posted speed limit of any roadway. If idling is an issue within your fleet, you can use the Idle Alert to monitor and reduce excessive vehicle idling. Alerts give you the insight you need to run your business smarter and more efficiently.


  • Choose your unique real-time alerts
  • Receive instant notifications via email
  • Select alert parameters and frequency of notification
  • Customize alerts based on your business’s needs


  • Reduce fuel consumption and lower your carbon footprint
  • Ensure your vehicles are receiving proper routine maintenance
  • Reduce speeding and aggressive driving within your fleet
  • Ensure your drivers are arriving to job sites on time
  • Prevent your drivers from using company vehicles after hours
  • Easily track your assets if lost or stolen