Manage your assets like you manage your vehicles.

Mobile Fleet Solutions Asset Tracking provides the most comprehensive offering in the fleet tracking industry. No matter how remote the location, our tracking devices offer cellular and/or satellite options, built-in motion sensors and exceptional power management.

  • Monitor trailer and container loads for theft
  • Confirm deliveries and track assets if lost or stolen
  • Determine usage based on engine hours

We have the broadest offering of asset tracking devices in the industry. No matter your requirements, one of our asset trackers will fit your needs.

Our Asset Tracking Line can help meet varying needs, in any environment, anywhere in the world. These devices can be modified to meet several applications such as monitoring trailers and their loads, confirming deliveries, determining utilization based on engine hours or tracking assets when stolen or lost. The combination of affordability and device intelligence makes them the best tracking devices in their class.

Ideal for:  
Trailers Bobcats Road Side Signage
Generators Yellow/Big Iron Containers/Pods
Forklifts Cranes Fuel Storage Tanks
Backhoes Rental Equipment
Simple to install Can Be Tethered to Power Satellite, CDMA or GSM/GPRS
Rugged Design for External
network coverage
Configurable Reporting Parameters
Built-in Motion Sensor
Completely Self-contained Geo-fencing (alerts with movement)