Heavy Equipment — Know where it is and what it is doing.

Creating solutions for heavy equipment requires durable GPS devices and a variety of work-tested sensors. Heavy equipment needs a wide deployment of vehicle tracking. You can install a variety of sensors to gather data about the various vehicles and other equipment that are in operation. PTO switches can be used to determine when a separate vehicle system, such as lift device or cement mixer, is activated and shut down. Vehicles can also be equipped with fuel sensors to ensure that vehicles always have a healthy level of fuel to avoid work stoppage. Even a temperature probe can be used to determine if an engine or other piece of equipment is getting to an unhealthy temperature, in order to avoid equipment damage.

  • Equipment Tracking – on site and in storage
  • On/Off Sensors
  • Fuel Sensors
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Special use Sensors

yellow excavator on whitelarge front end loader on whiteskid steer loader on white