It’s no secret that there is a national shortage of commercial drivers…but no shortage of risks and liability posed by the road and drivers, especially from false claims and accusations. Commercial drivers are often considered “guilty until proven innocent”. Our In Cab HD Camera helps assign guilt where it truly lies, while also providing tangible driving data to improve driving behaviors and reduce the frequency of all road events.


  • Mitigation of Whiplash/Personal Injury Claims
  • Proven Reduction of Road Incidents
  • Increased Fuel Economy
  • Proven Reduction of At-Fault Claims
  • Possible Insurance Premium Reductions


Record exactly what happened before, during and after an incident.  We do this by recording the following information: Drivers view of the road, Vehicle Location, Impact Force of Accident, Audio, & Driving Style (speed, acceleration, braking, & steering).

This evidence can protect a driver from many of the issues faced on the roads today: Insurance fraud, Staged Accidents, False/Exaggerated Whiplash Claims, Conflicting Reports of Actual Events, Driving Offence Allegations (speeding, traffic signal violations, swerving, etc).