With the changing fuel prices, it is imperative that you control the fuel consumption of your fleet.  Mobile Fleet Solutions Tracking Solutions can help you with fuel reduction and have a fuel efficient fleet.Fuel Efficiency

Reduce idle time.
Eliminate inefficient fuel practices such as excessive speeding and idling by setting up real-time alerts.  On average an idling vehicle burns between 1.6 and 2.4 gallons of gas per hour!!

Routing saves fuel.
Ensure your employees drive fewer miles, saving on fuel spend and consumption with routing.

Maintaining your vehicles maintenance for fuel efficiency.
Including changing oil, checking tire pressure  and replacing air filters, a well maintained fleet uses less gas.

Driving behaviors effect the fuel efficiency of your fleet.
Negative driving behaviors such as aggressive driving, including speeding and rapid acceleration, decreases the fuel efficiency of your fleet.  For every mile per hour a vehicle travels above 50 mph fuel consumption increases by one-and-one-halv (1 1/2) percent.  A truck, which averages 10 mpg at 50 mph, will average 8.5 mpg at 60 mph.


Our platform gives users the option to track the amount of fuel within a vehicle. The information is visualized for every individual vehicle with the optional vehicle fuel panels. The panels are updated in real time as the device reports changes to fuel level.