Smart maps improve driver and fleet productivity.

Mobile Fleet Solutions is the first to market with advanced mapping technologies. Create locations and zones with our geofencing technology and make your job easier.

  • Google® maps with 30-second updates
  • Advanced grouping and clustering
  • User-defined map overlays

A smarter map for improved fleet operations.

At Mobile Fleet Solutions, our maps are smart and easy to use. Get your fleet on the roads with Google® maps technology.

  • Pull up the street view of a vehicle
  • View traffic conditions and reroute drivers on the fly
  • Set up geofences to prevent unauthorized activity


A snapshot of your fleet’s activities.

The Mobile Fleet Solutions dashboard gives you an unmatched view of your fleet. Look at high-level fleet activity or drill down for specific driver info.

  • View trends on a single screen
  • Set goals and track them by fleet or driver
  • Save time and money by identifying wasteful practices

Get a handle on your fleet’s activities.

With the Mobile Fleet Solutions dashboard, you can set goals to improve your fleet operations and become more efficient.

  • Display goals in an easy-to-understand screen
  • Identify problems with actionable data
  • Drill down for more specific information

Improve your fleet management processes.

Set benchmarks to achieve your operational goals with the Mobile Fleet Solutions dashboard. View key performance indicators (KPIs) on one screen.

  • Identify wasteful trends and set new objectives
  • Understand the state of your fleet operations
  • Analyze data to improve fleet efficiency