I have found that most people have differing opinions concerning GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions. The general consensus usually is:

I trust my men and I am sure they would never hurt me or my business. They have been with me for 20 years why would I want to track them?

Well it really isn’t so much about trusting your men. Sure you trust them enough to drive your vehicle to the job every day and in some cases drive it home at night. You trust them to do the work right according to the instructions you give to them, and complete the job. The question really is this: Do you trust them with YOUR money?

Remember we said that most guys are good technicians and good guys in general, but they have bad habits that cost you the business owner money? In my 12 years of experience I have seen it become HUGE amounts of money; that you the business owner will never have a chance to possess. Mainly, because you don’t know anything about it and therefore can’t stop it from happening, unless you have a way to keep up with everything the driver of that vehicle does.

I guess you are wondering now “what kind of bad habits can cost that much money”. Well let me just share just one of the things I have witnessed.

Material Handling GPS Fleet Management SystemsThink about your best technician that completes more calls day in and day out, week in and week out than all of the other technicians. This is the guy that owners would trust the most because he is “billing more than everyone else”. Let me share a story about just such a technician. We were tracking several technicians from a Material handling / forklift company. After a thorough examination of their invoices for the week we discovered something terrible had been going on and could cost the company lots of money because of lost credibility with its customers. The industry average at the time was for technicians to invoice at least 80% of the workweek or 32 hours. This particular technician was billing 90%+ or 36 hours of every week. The managers of the company thought he could do no wrong and may even be able to “walk on water”. We found by checking his GPS Fleet VehicleTracking history that he had turned in invoices for PM (preventative maintenance) jobs at customers that he didn’t even go to that day. He went to the customer location on Monday but invoiced them for the work on a day later in the week. What if the customer started checking the logs of when the company was actually there to do the PM’s. I am pretty sure the customer would have refused to pay for the services invoiced. When we found the data (which was very simple to do) I thought the three managers were going to be sick. They were truly thankful that they found out the truth before their customers. The technician saw no harm in what he was doing because he actually did the work at the location, but he was “front loading” the work at the beginning of the week and then spreading out the invoicing so that it looked like he was working as instructed.

A great way to see the many different features of our GPS Fleet Management System is to view a Live Demonstration.

By utilizing the different features of our Realtime GPS Fleet Management System, you are able to have a more efficient and productive fleet. You also know that your technicians are where they say they are for the amount of time they report. You can customize reports to give you the information you need for your company.

Remember if you don’t know about it you can’t fix it. And more importantly “What you don’t know CAN and WILL hurt you!!