Decrease fuel costs with GPS Fleet Mangement SystemWith the cost of fuel continuing to rise this spring, it is critical for businesses with a fleet of vehicles to conserve fuel. You cannot control the price of fuel, however, you can control how much and how that fuel is consumed. One of the most efficient and cost productive ways to conserve fuel is to utilize a GPS Fleet Management System.

You can educate your drivers as much as you want. But until you know they are using the education provided, you cannot be sure they are doing everything they can to help conserve fuel. A GPS Fleet Tracking System will provide you with all the tools you need to confirm your drivers are doing everything they can to conserve fuel.

There are several ways our system can help control your fuel consumption:

  1. Employees that are not monitored tend to find “legitimate” reasons to drive your vehicle and burn your fuel instead of theirs. One way is to go to the store, or pay a bill, or do something important “on the way home”. If you do not monitor through GPS Fleet Tracking how do you know when they are using your truck for their personal use? With GPS Fleet Tracking you can monitor their movements 24/7/365. Our Fleet Tracking system will alert you of “After Hours” & Weekend usage when it happens so you can stop it then and “nip it in the bud”!
  2. The weather is starting to get warmer and we all know what that means, hotter trucks. Why do you think the technicians have no problem allowing your truck to idle with the AC on while they are completing a call or even doing paperwork in the truck after the call is completed? Our Fleet Management system will alert you when the truck idles too long.
  3. What if the vehicle is routed incorrectly or in most cases the technician “doesn’t know the best route to take”. This alone can cause excessive fuel usage. We have partnered with Garmin to enable live dispatch, navigation and routing for our GPS Fleet Tracking customers. No more poor routing and planning.
  4. Have you ever wondered what directions and routes employees drive through the day? We have a report that shows a “bread crumb trail” of every two minute updates so you can see first-hand what routes a driver takes during the day’s travels. Most business owners are shocked to see this report and most of the time it shows a lack of planning and or training for that particular employee.

When times are hard, companies must find ways to make more money. GPS Fleet Tracking can help immensely with this.